02 juin 2017

Let's talk about style - B1

Everyday, fashion-forward styles emerge in the streets of Paris, London or New-York and make us feel old-fashioned, even older than we really are. Haven’t we all, one day, felt less trendy trying to understand what a teen pop-star meant by saying “My new mate has an amazing fixed gear style and he is bearded as a hispter”? The American illustrator Rob Dobi gives us a useful pictionnary to decrypt the latest dress codes and styles we come across in the streets everyday. His illustration series named “Your scene sucks” is also a good... [Lire la suite]
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20 juin 2016

Patterns - A2

vertical stripes + horizontal stripes = checked pattern plain colour red  + black spots = spotted ladybird suit organic shirt seeds + water + love = flowery shirt stepping on a furry ewok = furry heels
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10 mai 2016

A bit of everything - A2

In the following clip, you will have the opportunity to practice different elements of language in a fun way, as usual. Please note the various pieces of clothing listed here, the use of the genetive form and the beautiful present continuous to describe what is actually happening while the father is preparing his prank.  
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22 février 2016

Women's clothing and accessories - A2

If you ever wanted to look like a true British lady, you should possess in your wardrobe the following items, as recommended by The Telegraph. It is also a good opportunity to practice the clothes vocabulary. 30 items that should be in your wardrobe by the time you're 30Or rather a collection of cotton poplins that flatter all manner of outfits. Shirt experts, like Equipment, cover all bases and are worth the price tag. Remember to make friends with your local dry cleaners to keep them in good nickhttp://www.telegraph.co.uk ... [Lire la suite]
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12 janvier 2016

Body and Clothes A1

If like us, you like superheroes and want to learn and practice the vocabulary related to physical appearance, create your own avatar on the Marvel website. Create Your Own Superhero  
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