Everyday, fashion-forward styles emerge in the streets of Paris, London or New-York and make us feel old-fashioned, even older than we really are. Haven’t we all, one day, felt less trendy trying to understand what a teen pop-star meant by saying “My new mate has an amazing fixed gear style and he is bearded as a hispter”? The American illustrator Rob Dobi gives us a useful pictionnary to decrypt the latest dress codes and styles we come across in the streets everyday. His illustration series named “Your scene sucks” is also a good way to improve our fashion vocabulary and knowledge in modern tribes accessories.

If you want to know more about the American illustrator Rob Dobi and maybe find ideas to sharpen up your wardrobe, have a look at Dobi's websites at the following addresses.




trendy: very fashionable or up to date

hipster: a person who follows the latest fashions

to come across: to come face to face with something

sharpen up: improve