16 mars 2017

Saint Patrick's Day Origins - B1

To celebrate Saint Patrick's Day on the 17th of March and add some culture in your beer, have a look at the following video about the origins of this celebration day. If you are not too thirsty after that, you can also test your knowledge of this very Irish topic and, who knows, win some pints of black Irish stout by betting with your friends at the pub.  TEST: 1/Saint Patrick was born in Ireland: true/false 2/The first Saint Patrick's Day parade took place in Dublin: true /false 3/The original colour associated with Saint... [Lire la suite]
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10 février 2016

Fight of the year: 2 Irish men vs sofa

We have already written about accents in our pages, but this time we are testing the most difficult one, the Irish accent. Except a few F... words, we hardly decipher every bit of this video, in which you will discover a nice pair of drunkards trying to move a sofa. For the most courageous of you readers, please feel free to send us the script.  
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