05 juillet 2016

John Oliver & Last week tonight show - C1

John Oliver is an English-born comedian, political commentator, and also a well-known television host on an American cable TV show (HBO for the curious minded) called "Last Week Tonight" (click here for his in-depth biography). Despite it's humourous tone, this show is well-documented and accurate on all hot topics of the moment such as Brexit, American presidential running campaign, death penalty, doping, discrimination and many others. With summer on its way, if you want to keep up and stay sharp with today's factual terms, but... [Lire la suite]
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31 mars 2016

Listening comprehension with The Guardian and The Three Little Pigs - C1

Just to work on comprehension at a quite high level with this Cannes Lion Award-Winning advert. You will listen to useful vocabulary to practice everyday English and a bit of crime and justice. Watch it once and try to fill in the blanks of the exercise, in which you will discover a script with important missing words. Once you are done, check the answers with the full script in the link below. exercise script
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