31 mars 2017

Z pronounciation - A2

You probably noticed that the Brits pronounce the letter Z as /zed/, but how is it that the Americans say /zi:/ (= zee) instead? Simon Whistler of Today I Found Out will give you the answer in the following very interesting video.  
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24 janvier 2017

The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words - A2 / B1

On January the 20th, the whole world was watching the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States. In this hilarious video, the Dutch television decided to welcome President Trump in a manner he would understand, using his own words and lexical field. More than that, they also wanted to introduce, in a sarcastic way, their tiny country to the newly elected president of the “huge” United States of America. tiny: very, very small huge: very, very big, enormous to screw over: to fuck big time: a lot (in this context)... [Lire la suite]
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13 octobre 2016

Body noises - A2/B1

We are all aware that policing has its ups and downs from one country to another, but just have a look at this article from the Philippine Star, which reviews a funny memorandum (a report on a particular subject) issued by the National Capitol Region Police Office.   PNP reminds cops: No selfies during patrolsMANILA, Philippines - The Philippine National Police (PNP) has issued a memorandum reminding police officers to refrain from taking selfies while on patrol in order to avoid giving the public negative impressions. The... [Lire la suite]
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11 octobre 2016

Complain and complaint - A2

If you have been the victim of a criminal offence (offenSe in American English) you will probably have to go to a police station. If it occured in the United States, you will tell the police officer that you wish to file a complaint. If this offence happened in Great Britain, you will say that you want to report a crime. Be careful, you say a complaint as a noun and you complain as a verb. Also in Britain, when you complain it is often because you are not satisfied about something or the quality of a service. British newspaper... [Lire la suite]
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20 juin 2016

Patterns - A2

vertical stripes + horizontal stripes = checked pattern plain colour red  + black spots = spotted ladybird suit organic shirt seeds + water + love = flowery shirt stepping on a furry ewok = furry heels
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07 juin 2016

Police quizz - A2

Dear reader, maybe you remember that in a previous post we had discovered that Amazon had had some difficulties to translate the description of one of its products: see here This time, we have been surprised by this weird translation of "Polish Sausage" in French. What would be YOUR interpretation for it? 1-A highly skilled sausage 2-A sausage coming from Poland 3-That you should polish your sausage to make it shiny 4-Police, it's a shaushage! 5-A police dachshund, like this one:
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20 mai 2016

Police Stories around the world - In Caracas - A2

We have decided to launch a new series of articles in which we will select for you some funny, touching or surprising police moments. The first one will take you to Caracas, one of the most dangerous cities in the world. This web film tries to emphasize on the importance of police presence and is meant to ask the national government to provide the necessary means to enable an efficient police. The same problems everywhere.  
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10 mai 2016

A bit of everything - A2

In the following clip, you will have the opportunity to practice different elements of language in a fun way, as usual. Please note the various pieces of clothing listed here, the use of the genetive form and the beautiful present continuous to describe what is actually happening while the father is preparing his prank.  
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26 avril 2016

Football English - A2

If you are involved in the European football cup 2016 organisation and security or if you are interested in this sport, practice football and stadium vocabulary with the following great pages of the British Council web site. Premier Skills EnglishHow well do you know football vocabulary? Test yourself and learn more vocabulary related to the game. Rank Name Score Rank Name Score Rank Name Score Premier Skills is the British Council's international partnership with the Premier League operating in 25 countries across Asia, Africa... [Lire la suite]
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21 mars 2016

Cat burglar prefers to take underwear – A2

We recently talked about robberies and armed robberies. This time, thanks to this Kiwi cat and the Huffington Post, we are going to talk about a very unusual burglary. In the last few months, a feline burglar named Brigit, has entered many houses illegally, around Hamilton (New Zealand), to steal men’s underwear. According to Brigit’s owner, she has already brought back home eleven pairs of underpants and more than fifty socks. Nobody can say whether she’ll pursue her “criminal activities” or not. If you want to know more about... [Lire la suite]
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