16 juin 2017

Count down from 100 to 0 - A1

In this compilation video of 100 characters from 100 different movies, revise how to count down from 100 to 0. The full list of movies is available by clicking here.  
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06 décembre 2016

Never too late - A1

It is never too late to learn English. As long as you have good reasons and motivation to do so, you cannot but succeed. This story of an elderly deciding to learn the language is a good example of it. The video is in fact an advert for a very popular Polish online auction site, a sort of eBay. By the way, our learner made one single mistake. Can you spot it?  
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10 juin 2016

Alphabet - A1

Learn the alphabet thanks to 85 movie scenes. Mind you, as these extracts are all taken from American movies, the last letter is pronounced /zi:/. If it was British English, it would be pronounced /zed/.
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05 avril 2016

The fifty shades of the Queen – A1

Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne of England since 1953 and she will turn 90 on 21st April 2016. For more than sixty-four years now, she has given us many opportunities to improve our colour vocabulary by enchanting us with the colourful and never ridiculous dresses and hats that she wears. To celebrate her birthday, here is a sample of the Royal wardrobe. If you are really fond of the Queen’s richly coloured suits, you can also have a look at the Pantone© palette fit for the Queen.   Graphics - Palette Fit for... [Lire la suite]
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12 janvier 2016

Body and Clothes A1

If like us, you like superheroes and want to learn and practice the vocabulary related to physical appearance, create your own avatar on the Marvel website. Create Your Own Superhero  
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