If you have ever wondered why our four-legged friends are so terrified during fireworks, the following public service announcement is probably what you are looking for. You might have some answers through the explanations of one of them, as well a good opportunity to improve your listening comprehension skills and your vocabulary. However, if you need some help click HERE to get the script of the video.


boom boom scary time


To be on edge: nervous, anxious

Unleash: to free from, to suddenly release a violent force that cannot be controlled

Stampede: an occasion when many large animals or many people suddenly all move quickly and in an uncontrolled way, usually in the same direction at the same time, especially because of fear

Numb: unable to think, feel, or react normally because of something that shocks, frightens or upsets you

Fire hydrant: a pipe usually in the street that provides water especially for putting out fires

To vaporize into oblivion: to cease to exist, to be completely destroyed