In the world we live in today, rape and sexual assaults are some of the most common forms of crime against women. Sometimes inappropriately referred as the « weaker sex », women used to be considered easy targets. But not anymore!


In this ABC News video below, check how self-defense tactics has helped this 36 year-old woman to defend herself and ensure her own safety.



To fend off: To defend yourself against someone who is attacking you

Weak: not physically strong

Chills: a feeling of sudden fear; apprehension

Battered: beaten with successive hits

Frantic: feeling a lot of fear and worry

Expletive: a syllable, word, or phrase inserted to fill a vacancy

Stall: a small enclosed place (in this case a public restroom)

Jammed: blocked

Surge: a sudden, large increase (in this case, of adrenaline)

Overwhelming: very great in number, effect, or force

Harassment: to annoy or bother (someone) in a constant or repeated way

Stitched: wound or large cut closed or joined with a special piece of thread (string)

Bruise: colored area of the skin that is caused by an injury