In the United Kingdom, as anywhere in the world, many associations fight against littering. One of them decided to use humour to incite people to change their bad habits. Among many other fun ideas, the environmental foundation “Hubbub” has developed a clever concept to pick up and gather cigarette butts. As you can see in the following video, this innovative kind of street ashtray named “ballot bin” invites passers-by to answer a poll by throwing their cigarette butt in the hole corresponding to their opinion. And it works.


Moreover, “ballot bins” are just part of a bigger ecological campaign held by “Hubbub” and called Neat Streets. If you want to learn more about Hubbub’s funny programs and initiatives, check their catalogue or their website. There, you will discover the “talking rubbish”, the “naked bin men”, or the “peppermint pointillist”. Enjoy!


cigarette butt: the part of a cigarette that is left after smoking

ballot: a system of voting

bin: a container for waste

litter: small pieces of rubbish that have been left lying on the ground in public places

littering (offence): antisocial behaviour consisting in volontary throwing down or dropping rubbish on the ground in a public place

rubbish: waste material or things that are no longer wanted or needed