Have a look at these new videos we found. You won’t learn a lot of English with them, but at least, you’ll have a good laugh and we wanted to share them with you. They were made by Aaron Benitez, a specialist in visual effects, who became famous thanks to his videos with his cat Michael.

For the first video you may need the following vocabulary. Please note the misuse of the word robber at the end of the clip. To learn more about robbers and robberies, have a look at our previous article on the topic here.

PAW = animal foot

LAME = deplorable

ON THE LOOSE = having escaped from somewhere

FLAILING ≃ gesticulate, here clumsy


transcript: That’s good. Oh, check out this new video I found. Pretty funny huh.

Quite the unlikely hero, it was a cat, who caught the burglar on the loose, reversing its car at high speed into the flailing robber.

The second video has hardly anything to do about English. You may however learn a bit of goose language. By the way, can you remember the plural of goose, you know the bird? Yes that’s geese.

For the third video, you’ll maybe need the following vocabulary:

MORON = idiot

IRON = Strong metal used to make steel, found in blood and food, but also a useful tool to flatten your clothes. Hence the pun (= world play) about Iron Man and the tool.